Vickery and Co. Masterclass Series

Beginning Monday, January 20, 2020.

Kick Off 2020 with a Reinvigorated Sense of Purpose and Drive

Did 2019 get the best of you? Would you like to be the master of your own life and business in 2020?

Setting goals and focusing on the future is a wonderful thing. However, those plans only get you so far when you aren't sharpening your tool set along the way. Development requires growth, and growth only happens when you stretch yourself like never before! 

We have a solution for you! The Vickery and Co Masterclass Series 2020 intentionally focuses on well-being and taking action. We know that moving down these two tracks is the quickest way to see a shift in your personal and professional life. It means that you're feeling in control, you have the resources you need to succeed and a path to get into action on!

Join us to learn from six experts in their fields and kick-off 2020 with a renewed self of purpose and drive. You owe it to yourself to intentionally grow! 

Featured Class Topics Include:

  • From Frazzled to Focused: Small Business Project Planning with Jen McFarland 
    • Connect your biggest business goals to your life.
    • Understand the problem your business solves for others.
    • Get started planning your next big project!
  • Don't Let Imposter Syndrome Keep You Stuck with Becky Mollenkamp 
    • Learn what competition really is, does it exist at all?
    • Understand what Imposter Syndrom really is any why it doesn't serve you.
    • A practical approach to loving and believing in yourself.
  • Writing Sales Pages That Sell with Caity Hubert 
    • Write sales copy that can sell anything, even if you've tried before without success!
    • Discover how to attract, inspire and convert ideal customers
    • Feel great about the product you're putting out into the world.
  • An Abundant Life Starts With An Abundant Mind with Karen Lin 
    • How to have enough, and then some!
    • Thoughts become things and you're in control
    • Invite more abundance into your life.
  • Execute It: Take Strategic Action Now with Sean Douglas 
    • Discover how to take strategic action, the right action, and in the right order!
    • Understand the benefits of a workable schedule.
    • Gain control of your time with productivity tips.
  • Having It All: Unlock An Emotionally Intelligent Life with Supna Doshi
    • Build a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.
    • Learn the 5 pillars of emotional intelligence.
    • Get specific tools and action steps to immediately help you create harmony in work and at home.

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Monday, January 20th, at 1pm EST

Have you ever worked really hard on a project only to realize later it's not solving the right problem? (Or even worse, it's not tied to your business' core mission?) This masterclass will help you make the connections between your biggest business goals, the problem your business solves, and planning the next big project your business has on the horizon.

Monday, January 27th, at 1pm EST

Do you frequently feel like a total fraud? You’re not alone. Imposter Syndrome is perhaps the most common limiting belief among high-achieving women. In this class, learn what it is and how to identify it, the way most people try to fight it (and why it doesn’t work), and a practical approach to loving yourself through it.

Monday, February 10th, at 1pm EST

Business owners often go back to the drawing board when their new course or offer doesn't convert well. However, the problem is likely NOT in the content of their offer, but in the sales page copy promoting it. Discover how to write effective sales pages that attract, inspire, and convert ideal customers.

Monday, February 24th, at 1pm EST

Do you feel well? Or do you feel like you never have enough time, energy, money or support. Join Coach Karen Lin as she shares the private thoughts of those that have enough and then some. Tune if for this masterclass on bringing more abundance to your life. Be well!

Monday, March 16th, at 1pm EST

Are you ready to learn the steps necessary to take back control of your time and actions? Then this class is for you! Discover how to take strategic action, the right action, in the right order. Come to understand the benefits of scheduling everything so that you can be the most productive in as little time as possible.

Monday, March 30th, at 1pm EST

Cultivating one's own emotional intelligence is scientifically proven to support a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. In this class, learn the 5 pillars of emotional intelligence, how the pillars work together and build on each other, and specific tools and action steps that can used immediately to create harmony in work and at home. You can truly have it all.

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